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BOX Three Expert Front Hub

BOX Three Expert Front Hub
This item is currently not available.


The Box Three Expert Front Hub is a lightweight version of the Pro-sized counterpart. It includes precision sealed bearings but uses aluminum axles, a smaller hub-shell, and lightweight hardware; for the smaller riders who like to go fast!

Hub features a quick-release style front axle.


- Lightweight Construction.
- Bearings Built To Avoid Contamination.
- Quick Release Style Through Axle To Secure Against Movement.


- Box One XS Mini Carbon 1" Alloy Steerer 20" x 10mm Fork
- Box One XE Expert Carbon 1” Alloy Steerer 20” x 10mm Fork
- Box One 24x1-1/8" 28-Hole Front Rim Black
- Box One 20X 1-1/8" 28-Hole Rim Rear Black


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