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Convenient Bike Transportation

We know that you're busy so we offer easy and affordable pickup and delivery for bike service and repair. If you live within 10 miles of Victory Velo, we'll retrieve and return your bike!

How It Works

  • Contact us to schedule your service.
  • We'll pick up your bike(s) and bring them to our shop for a professional inspection.
  • We'll contact you to review our recommendations, answer your questions, and get your approval on the services or repairs that we'll perform.
  • We'll service and repair your bike!
  • We'll notify you when your bike is ready. You can choose to pick up your bike at the shop or we can deliver it back to you.

Pickup & Delivery Pricing

  • $25 per pickup or delivery (this is a one-way fee).
  • We'll pickup or delivery multiple bikes from a single location (limitations may apply).
  • Additional fees may apply if you are outside of a 10 mile radius; contact us for details.
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