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Group Ride Information

There is nothing better then riding mountain bikes with wind in your helmet and listening to the yelps and laughter of other mountain bikers. We really strive to not only get the community proper gear and bikes but also bring the mountain bike community together to ride in the Auburn Canyon! You can show up with any mountain bike or E-mountain bike. We meet up outside the front of the shop! All group rides are Weather permitted to maintain trail conditions. Check our Instagram or Facebook page or Subscribe on the website to get text updates! You can always call us prior to the weekend to ask if we are riding! 530-885-3986.

Here is the link to the Waiver to print, sign, and bring before the ride: Group Ride Waiver

  • Saturdays at 8:00am - All riding levels and ages 15+ (Those under 15 need an adult to accompany them) Usually 5-10 miles and we will taper the ride for all riding levels
  • Sundays at 9:00am - Advance Mountain Ride - Usually 13-20 miles at a faster pace and more advanced trails

*Victory Velo is NOT responsible for injuries as this is a voluntary group ride. ALL riders will need to sign a waiver before riding. 

Group Ride Photos

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