Transition Bikes in Auburn, California

Transition Bikes for Your Mountain Mission

Transition Bikes was launched in 2001 by a couple of telecommunications workers, Kyle Young and Kevin Menard, who actually didn't start selling their bikes until 2003. Transition makes mountain bikes, and assigns to them the following classes: Down Mountains, Up and Down Mountains, Jumping Mounds of Dirt, Leaping Barriers, and Skidding Fireroads.

Giddy Up: Transition's Suspension

Transition's Giddy Up suspension system won't give you a sense of locking-out or kicking-back from the pedals. The system gives you a fair amount of chain growth that is highest at the sag point, and decreases deeper into the travel. This gives the rider a measurable increase in traction on the climb. Transition bikes are active while climbing, which means you don't need rear shock platforms or increased compression damping. There are no switches to flip and nothing to think about: Leave the shock open and away you ride. No knobs, no remotes, no levers. Giddy up and go.

Who Rides Transition Bikes?

Transition Bikes' 2016 World Cup Racing team includes Tahnee Seagrave, Neil Steward, Kaos Seagrave, Joe Parfitt, Jamie Edmondson, and Tony Seagrave. Other Transition-sponsored riders include Andrea Bruno, Alex McGuinnes, Shaums March, Rosara Joseph, Dean Tennant, Paul Howard, Ella Skalwold, Alex McAndrew, Sid Slotegraff, Kelend Hawkes, Tyler Horton, Max Langille, Logan Wetzel, Toby Swanson, Gian Dalle, Kole Wetherells, Isaac Allaire, Jay Trautman, Skye Shillhammer, Galen Carter, Christina Chappetta, Darrin Seeds, Lars Sternberg, and Kevin Menard.

Here's What People Are Saying About Transition Bikes

So you’ve probably realised by now that I am a big fan of the Transition. I really can’t fault the way that it handles out on the track. I know I have spoken about how fast the TR500 will allow you to go (guess I still like to feel like a racer) but the TR500 has much more potential than just ripping down a racetrack. The way the bike handled, and I’d have to say that rock gardens and rough stuff are what this thing loves, any rider of any skill level is going to love it and benefit from riding it. It’s not one of those bikes that needs to be ridden flat out to get the most out of it, but as soon as you want to step it, up its more than ready for it.
Revolution Mountainbike Magazine
This has been my do-everything bike for three months and it’s handled everything from long XC rides to shuttling downhill trails…On climbs, I’ve opted to leave the Debonair shock in the “open” mode (unless on a fireroad) because the bike’s rear end grips the ground so well. On more technical climbs, this bike excels…The confidence-inspiring geometry combined with the bottomless feel of the Giddy Up suspension has allowed me to charge the Patrol like I’m riding my big bike… It might be a cliché, but the Patrol truly is a downhiller’s trail bike. I think those less-inclined to catch air and ride steeps may prefer one of Transition’s other offerings, but this is the perfect bike for people who charge up and down every trail.
Freehub Magazine

Ready for a change?

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