Sunday Bikes in Auburn, California

Sunday Bikes Define BMX

Sunday Bikes makes BMX bicycles, period. The company was started in 2005 by pro BMX rider Jim Cielencki. Making only bars and forks that year, Sunday branched out into frames in '06, and ultimately produced "completes" in '09. Cielencki has since moved on, but Sunday Bikes is world famous, and their bikes can be found in every major BMX competition on the planet.

Nothing Beats Riding On A Sunday

Sunday Bikes are built for mayhem. Some Sunday completes feature a double-butted seat tube and miter-cut top tube. Since the seat tube is where all the angles of the frame come together, it has to be strongest part of the bike. An internally double-butted seat tube is about as close as you're going to come to indestructible, but it also helps save weight. The miter-cut top tube gives you a better fit during welding, and increases the frame's durability over “sandwiched” top-tube frames.

The Sunday design also features boxed chainstays that help fight denting. It gives the frame a shorter rear-end, and gives you more room for larger tires. Sunday Bikes also feature a wave-top tube that reduces the effect denting will have on the life of your frame. They also use wave technology on the down tube, to reduce denting when bouncing off features of the urban landscape such as rail, ledge, or coping. All Sunday frames feature a mid-bottom bracket with integrated headset. Rather than content themselves with the shape of the BB shell after welding, Sunday re-machines the shell and headtube to give the frame a fine, tight fit.

Who Rides On Sundays?

The Sunday Bikes pro team includes Aaron Ross, Chris Childs, Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Erik Elstran, and Mark Burnett. Sponsored amateurs include Julian Arteaga, Brett Silva, Jared Duncan, and Alec Shmalec. The Sunday Bikes "flow" team includes Alex Magallan, Lee Dennis, TJ Henderson, Seth Peterson, Garrett Reeves, Bobby Delaat, Paul Shariff, and Ryan Slusher. International Sunday Bikes riders include Vasya Lukyanenko, Daniel Portorreal, Oliver Jonasson, Alexander Rudenko, Miguel Diaz, and Kevin Liehn.

Here's What People Are Saying About Sunday Bikes

Rides like a complete that’s twice as expensive, feels like a good, solid setup…The bike looks great in the raw version we tested. The ride is tall and wide, and with a 20.85 top tube and 75 deg head tube angle, it’s responsive too. With all the quality aftermarket parts you really won’t be looking to upgrade any standard ‘complete bike’ parts anytime soon, simply because it feels like there aren’t any, just jump on and you’re good to go. It’s another great bike from Sunday!
Ride UK
While scanning through the long list of Google search terms which brought people to the other day, this one caught my eye: ‘how old do u half to be to be able to ride bmx bike’? The answer is, if you are old enough to type a search phrase into Google, you’re definitely old enough to ride BMX, you just need the right size bike. Sunday is a company that is taking creating bikes for smaller riders seriously, because they understand how important it is. So many kids fail at BMX, when their parents buy them a full size 20” bike that they can grow into. From frame geometry to components, they’ve thought of everything and Sunday has kept the cost down.

Love BMX?

We have your Sunday! Come on in and give it a ride. You’ll find us at 835 Lincoln Way in Auburn CA, 95603. Click or call at 530.885.3986 any day of the week for the best Sundays anywhere.