Salsa Cycles in Auburn, California

Salsa Rolls Over Mountains

Salsa Cycles founder Ross Shafer started building bikes in the '70s. Shafer went to Europe to learn his trade in '78, but was a little concerned to hear his work called better than anything on the market there. Since there seemed to be nothing left to learn in Europe, Shafer returned to the states and took a job at Santana Bicycles in Los Angeles. He built a mountain bike and gave it a brand name, Red Bush, in 1981, after which people started to pressure him to build more.

Shafer didn't exactly jump at the chance, but he eventually relented, declaring that he would build "...the only five mountain bikes that I will ever build." He built a sixth for himself just to see what the buzz was about, and wound up falling in love with mountain biking. He launched Salsa Cycles in '82, and sold the company to Quality Bicycle Products of Bloomington, Minnesota, in 1997. Salsa currently manufactures Fatbikes, Hardtails, Full Suspension, 700C, and Tandem bicycles.

Salsa's Split Pivot Suspension

Several Salsa bikes now feature Dave Weagle's Split Pivot suspension system. Split Pivot makes pedaling and braking forces independent of the rear suspension, which offers advantages in climbing and descending. Split pivot cuts suspension compression due to acceleration forces, while also cutting compression due to braking forces. Not only does this offer mechanical advantages to the rider, but it cuts the cost of the cycle, since split-pivot can be used to build light frames without the need for exotic, expensive materials or high-tech tube shapes.

Who Rides Salsa?

Salsa is the choice of some of the sport's best-known riders, including Andrea Cohen, Ben Weaver, Bjorn Olson, Brett R. Davis, Danielle Musto, Eszter Horanyi, Glenn Charles, Greg Gleason, Jay Petervary, Kaitlyn Boyle, Kim McNett, Kurt Refsnider, Russ Roca, Laura Crawford, Tim Ek, and Tracey "T-Race" Petervary.

Here's What People Are Saying About Salsa Cycles

Handling-wise, the Spearfish offers a lively package that handles quickly but never feels nervous or twitchy. By shifting both wheels forward under the rider—compared to the first generation design—Salsa increased the poise, composure and confidence of the Spearfish while greatly decreasing the effort required to loft the front wheel…Though my brief experience aboard the Spearfish is far from a conclusive long-term test, I feel confident insisting you put this bike on your short list of XC race, marathon, and adventure dual suspension 29ers.
Dirt Rag Mag
I experienced zero issues with my Fargo over our 4,000+ mile bike tour, not to mention shorter rides post-tour. The bike feels bulletproof, the drivetrain wasn’t even noticeably worn at the end, and my body felt great afterward…If you’re looking for a serious ass-kicker of a bike with tons of versatility for whatever two-wheeled adventure you’re contemplating, the Salsa Fargo is worth considering. After one big tour, I’m stoked to stuff mine in a box this coming summer, fly over the Atlantic and rampage all over Europe…

Want some Salsa?

Come on in and ride one today! Scoop yours up at 835 Lincoln Way in Auburn CA, 95603. Click or call at 530.885.3986 to add some heat to your riding passion.