Public Bikes in Auburn, California

Public Bikes: The People's Choice

Started by Design Within Reach founder Rob Forbes, Public Bikes are inspired by the bicycles and bicycle culture of Europe. Public Bikes are not racers or off-road enduro technoframes, but decidedly urban and utilitarian bicycles, meant to last and intended to be seen.

The mission of Public Bikes is to get people out of their cars, off their chairs, and out in the air on their bikes. They are priced lower than a lot of bikes out there, but they're not like the chunky cheap junk you find in big-box stores: They look good, they work well, and they last long. Public Bikes builds Diamond, Step-Thru, Mixte, and Electric bicycles.It's a bicycle revolution on wheels.

Public Bikes Technology

All Public Bikes share the following technology: Lightweight steel frames, tough enough to endure the daily use in an urban setting, but light enough to carry upstairs. Fenders and chain guards protect clothes and keep you from getting involved with your greasy chain. Publics feature real no-kidding kickstands, because sooner or later, you're going to get off your bike. Tires wide enough for a soft ride, but narrow enough to give you some speed. Seats and handlebars positioned to put you upright where you can see where you're going without kinking your neck. Multi-speed bikes shift with a twist of the wrist, with sufficient range to make it up the tallest hill. Internally geared bikes feature reflective-stripe tires for nighttime visibility.

Here's What People Are Saying About Public Bikes

Bike style is no longer a matter of function over form. Cyclists around the world are switching sartorial gears with clothing and accessories that are chic and reflect their health and eco-conscious sensibilities…Public Bike’s retro-style cruisers…have gear configurations of one, three and eight speeds and internal hubs to comfortably navigate the city’s hilly topography, tires wide enough to maneuver uneven pavement, and fenders to deflect water and grime. The lightweight steel frames are designed to accommodate riders wearing dresses or business suits. ‘Looking good and feeling good while bicycling is a great start to making our streets more friendly for all commuters,’ says Forbes.
San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco is a bicycle town, and cool wheels abound. Fashion-savvy riders cruise around on European styles from South Park’s PUBLIC Bikes which also supplies bikes to companies including PeopleBrowsr, for their employees to share…Not surprisingly, Forbes’ design highlights both utility and high aesthetics: Elevated handlebars promote upright posture – versus the crouched, head-down position of performance bikes, Forbes points out – for better visibility and a safer ride. The step-through frame is both practical and female-friendly. ‘You can even wear a skirt,’ boasts Forbes.

Come in and let us fit you to a Public Bike!

Everyone’s welcome at Victory Velo, located at 835 Lincoln Way in Auburn CA, 95603.