Pinarello Bicycles in Auburn, California

Pinarello: European Design, Universal Dominance

Pinarello Bicycles was founded in 1953 in Treviso, Italy, by Gioivanni Pinarello. Giovanni had been competing in Europe since '46, and felt he knew what was needed to make a superior competition bicycle. Pinarello cycles earned their first victory at the Tour de l’Avenir in '61, and the tradition was soon established: Winners ride Pinarello cycles. The company is now run by Giovanni's son Fausto, the man behind the Prince Carbon and the Dogma 60.1, the world's first asymmetrical bike. Pinarello now makes Road, MTB, Crono, Triathlon, Track, Cross, Fixie, City, and Kids bikes.

Pinarello's Asymmetrical Design

Pinarello's design philosophy is based on the idea that the forces acting on a bicycle while peddling are asymmetrical rather than linear. The average cyclist applies equal force to the left and right pedals, but all of that force is transferred to the right side only, since that's where the chain is. For half of each pedal stroke, the forces working on the bicycle are opposed to each other, but are transferred to the right side during the other half of the stroke. Asymmetrical forces are also being applied to the handlebars, as the rider pushes, pulls, and twists during normal pedaling.

Added up, all this asymmetrical wobbling and yawing creates a pedal stroke that is inefficient. A symmetrical frame wastes energy. Since the drive train of a bicycle is asymmetric, the frame needs to be asymmetric to counter-balance pedaling forces. According to Pinarello engineers, the Dogma F8 is 33 percent more balanced than non-asymmetrical frames, which gives the rider a significant boost in peddling power. The Pinarello Dogma F8 is the eighth Dogma frame release since 2010. Since then, Dogma cyclists have won three Tours de France and several other major races.

Who Rides Pinarellos?

A long line of champions have peddled Pinarello bicycles, including Guido de Rosso, Fausto Bertoglio, Giovanni Battaglin, Franco Chioccioli, Miguel Indurain, Andrea Collinelli, Bjarne Riis, Jan Ullrich, Alex Zulle, Jan Ullrich, Alessandro Petacchi, Alejandro Valverde, Oscar Pereiro Sio, Mark Cavendish, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Alberto Rui Costa, and Chris Froome.

Here's What People Are Saying About Pinarello Bicycles

Through the corners, it’s perfectly predictable, the plentiful road feel seemingly giving you more time in the bends to pick and correct your line, and the frame’s suppleness maximising grip. On a long ride, the F8 looks after you better than almost all current aero machines, and is as comfortable as the very best all-round road bikes, which is as impressive as it was unexpected…In every criteria it blows the old Dogma away – and definitely offers Team Sky more than a marginal gain.
The F8 had one of the crispest sensations we have ever felt when responding to accelerations. At low speeds and on climbs the F8 performed like a rocket, which is what we expected from a bike meant to carry Froome to the top step of a grand tour. What caught us off guard was how fast this bike was at full speed accelerations. The F8 added an impressively smooth transfer of power when sprinting from 30 mph and up, this we attribute to the improved aerodynamics and frame rigidity.

Feeling competitive?

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