Co-Motion Bicycles in Auburn, California

Co-Motion: Made Here to Go There

Co-Motion Bicycles are entirely made in Oregon. The company was founded in 1988, and manufactures Touring, Road Racing, Off-road Touring, and Cyclocross Racing bicycles. They started out building tandem bicycles, then took their stiffer-than-boards design scheme into the touring bike domain and came out with a bike that is made for heavy loads and long tours.

Co-Motion Technology

In the early '90s, Co-Motion began to experiment with adding tandem-duty bike components to touring bikes. They found this was good for heavier riders, or for long-haul touring cyclists, who tend to travel with everything they own. They would often use a single tandem design element, a rear wheel or tandem fork, to fix issues brought up by the bigger-farther cyclists they met.

Then they said, “What the heck, let's make a half-tandem bicycle,” and the Americano was born. It featured tandem forks and large-diameter tandem tubing, and frames built to fit a 145mm dish-less rear wheel. The 145mm rear-wheel spacing has certain advantages over the standard 130mm. This allows for symmetrical wheel construction, putting equal tension on all spokes and eliminating the built-in weakness of a dish.

No dish is the way to go if you're going to be hauling 100 lbs of stuff through trackless wastes, far from cell phone towers and help in general. Their other models are lighter, but they're still built for the long haul.

What People Are Saying About Co-Motion Bicycles

Co-Motion has designed and executed a fantastic all-rounder ride in the Nor’ Wester. This is a bike that can be used for daily commuting thanks to the rack and fender mounts. It’s an excellent choice for a supported tour, or even credit card touring. Centuries? No sweat if your legs are up to it. And opting for a S & S coupler upgrade nets you one of the best travel bikes you will find…In my position here at Bikerumor I am often afforded the opportunity to ride quality gear and bikes on a regular basis. When new bikes come in, and old ones go out the door, I usually don’t mind so much. It’s a fun cycle. With the Nor’ Wester however, I have formed a bond with the bike. I could see myself ending up with one in my personal collection and growing with the bike over the years. This is the type of bike you get and hold on to. Like a family heirloom.
The Co-Motion Divide Rohloff is a quality, high-end expedition bike hand-built in America. It’s not cheap, but worth the money. I’m continuing learn it’s nuances and am working at becoming “at one with” the Divide. So far, so good. No issues. No complaints…The Divide is a solid rig capable of carrying me to the fringes of the map and then some. It inspires the confidence get out there and not be worried about whether the bike is up to the task or not. The Divide is a pleasure to ride and has spurred my imagination to the possibility of distant lands and far away places. I’m itching to get her out on the open road on longer rides this fall and winter, and on an expedition to Asia this coming spring and summer, as big mountain passes and misty valleys are beckoning.

Come on in and ride your local Co-Motion!

No matter where you’re headed, we can help you get there. Pop in for a visit at 835 Lincoln Way in Auburn CA, 95603. Or, you can always click or call us at 530.885.3986.